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Welcome to our self-assessment. This toolkit is meant to be a resource for non-profit organizations to review common compliance questions and best practices within the nonprofit industry. In addition, the toolkit is not an all-inclusive list nor should be considered an audit. Regulations vary state to state. We do not collect organizations names for privacy purposes. At the end of the survey however, you will be asked to provide an email to receive the results or download a PDF directly. 

Who should complete?

Nonprofit management and board members may find this self-passement helpful. If your organization has never completed a self-assessment before, this may be a tool for starting conversations and gap analysis on common items in NFP compliance conversations.

How it works

The self-assessment includes up to 150 questions on various areas of nonprofit oversight areas. These areas include IRS Form 990, formation documents, policies, fundraising, board and governance, finance, HR, volunteers, programming, and overall risk assessment. Organizations select which sections they would like to complete. At the end of the survey, the survey will provide you with a summary checklist and list of items to consider additional review.

How long does it take?

We expect it to take 30-60 minutes to complete depending on the areas and complexity of the nonprofit completing the survey. We recommend having your most recent IRS form 990 and any current policies available to you when possible during the assessment.

Confidentiality Notice: This is NOT an anonymous survey. Your identification details are captured during this survey response. The details may be used in the future to contact you or for statistical purposes. Your responses will be kept confidential from general public and are available only to the manager(s) of this survey.
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