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Running and maintaining a nonprofit organization takes SO much more time than a for-profit entity. The accounting is more complicated, there is more external scrutiny, and there tends to be fewer available resources. IRS Form 990 is not only a tax return but a self-compliance checklist. Our Captain has spent a large portion their career working on some of the most complicated nonprofits in the sector and holds an AICPA level II certificate in nonprofit accounting. We are available for Board presentations and training.

 We are aware of the extreme shortage of accountants in this specialty (A Storm is Brewing: The Accountant Shortage Is Already Affecting Nonprofits | LinkedIn) and have made it a priority to ensure that nonprofits get a big enough boat too. The challenge is that most accountants in this space audit NFPs and therefore cannot do or consult on their books. We intentionally do not offer audit services so that we can be of service to organizations through their various stages and needs.

Exempt Organization Services: 
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Virtual CFO/Finance Director services
  • Assistance and extra hands during projects or staff transitions
  • IRS Form 990 Preparation (includes an annual board presentation)
  • Board/Treasurer/Staff trainings and presentations (see the training tab for examples)
  • Assistance with policies, procedures, and best practices
  • Budgeting, grant reporting, and fundraising planning
  • Custom financial dashboards and KPIs
  • Strategic planning

Please note due to current heavy grant deadlines with current clients, we unfortunately cannot accept any new clients at the moment that need financials the first week or second week of the month. Schedule a meeting with us to determine the right fit for your needs:  

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We help small businesses and nonprofits stay afloat by offering accounting and Virtual CFO services so that they can wear less hats and focus on their businesses and missions.

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