When I meet with folks who have so much passion for a specific cause, they are always surprised to hear that running and maintaining a non-profit organization takes much more time than a for-profit entity. The IRS estimates to prepare the annual IRS Form 990 alone, it takes 100+ hours for recordkeeping and 40+ hours to prepare the tax return. You also have to have conflict of interest surveys, policies, disclosures, and more. The penalties for not providing donors the correct forms can add up and one disgruntled call to the State Attorney General can send most Board Members into a panic.

not for profit certified by the AICPA

Don’t stress! I am here for you! I have spent a large portion of my career in the non-profit world. I love to write policies, procedures, and to work with organizations to make sure donor’s wishes are accounted for appropriately. Board presentations are exciting and I love getting folks engaged. Do you need a presentation on fundraising 101, unrelated business income, new board member training, or how to keep your non-profit status? Let's chat!

Exempt Organization Services:

*Bookkeeping and accounting services

       *IRS Form 990 Preparation

*Monthly financial dashboards catered to your needs

*Quarterly updates and one-on-one meetings

*Payroll provider coordination and filings (we're honest folks; it's cheaper for you to use one of the already established providers)

*Federal/state quarterly and annual filings (income,sales and use,abandoned property, etc.)

*End of year tax assistance and/or tax preparation

*Assistance and extra hands during projects or staff transitions

*Board/Staff presentations and trainings

 *Annual 990 preparation and presentation

 *Creating customized policies and procedures for required IRS and state compliance

 *Assistance with fundraising activities and fund accounting rules and regulations

 *Grant reporting

 *Functional expense reporting

Would you like to discuss more? Email us at lifeboatcpa@gmail.com to schedule a free consultation to help you determine what's best for your business.


"Silent Warriors was in need of getting the message out to the Upper Valley of who we are, what we do, and how the community can support us. With just some brief information from me, Amity was able to create a letter saying just this. She also put together a donation sheet...it provided the information anyone would want to understaned...it was done in a short period of time and extremely professional...I can't thank her enough."  Bev McKinley, Silent Warriors of NH & VT