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Monthly Roundtables

Each month, Lifeboat hosts a roundtable for those on our mailing list to attend. Topics and special guests change each month.      

Group Courses 

Accounting & Bookkeeping 10-week course begins in April 2024                                                                                       

Host us at your Nonprofit or Next Board Meeting

So you're on the Board of a nonprofit, now what? (1 hour)
Our most popular introduction for Board members on their roles and responsibilities. We introduce the lifecycle of a charity and how it impacts the Board's role, nonprofit facts and tidbits, challenges and opportunities for nonprofits, and time for discussion and to ask questions.

Compliance check: must-have policies and best practices for NFPs (1.5 hours): 
Have you ever taken an inventory of your organization's policies and best practices? Do you need resources for new policies and procedures? This class will walk you through the most common items all organizations should review on a regular basis. 

Charitable solicitations, donor acknowledgements, and other development function pitfalls (1 hour): Learn about the requirements about various types charitable solicitations, acknowledgements, in-kind gifts, and additional requirements for NFPS around fundraising events. 

Finance Committee and Board of Directors best practices (1 hour): Board and committee management can become a full-time job for NFP staff. We'll share some best practices and suggestions for managing new member onboarding, training, communicating responsibilities, and a checklist of items to go through with your Finance Committees and Boards. 

How to read IRS Form 990 (1 hour): IRS form 990 is more than a tax return; it is a self-compliance checklist, a public document, and a donor tool. Learn to read and review important sections so that your organization is putting its best public foot forward. 

Introduction to UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax) (1 hour): As NFPs look to diversify revenue post covid, some organizations may venture into taxable activities. Learn when certain activities may become taxable income. 

Accounting for Nonprofits Course (8 hours): 
Nonprofit accounting and financial statements are totally different from (and sometimes more difficult than) for-profits. This course is great primer for those who are responsible for the books and records of a non-profit organization or board members and management who want to learn more. This course includes 8 one-hour meetings over as many weeks. Items covered include: 
• How to read financial statements 
• How to use the basic functions of QuickBooks Online 
• How to record donations and requirements on gift acknowledgements 
• When and how to record gifts and grants with designations 
• What types of policies an NFP should have in place  

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We help small businesses and nonprofits stay afloat by offering accounting and Virtual CFO services so that they can wear less hats and focus on their businesses and missions.

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